Nidek Mirante SLO OCT

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Nidek SLO/OCT med kombinert vidvinkel funduskamera og FA / ICG funksjon.

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Nidek Mirante

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High Definition cSLO and OCT wide imaging system. All in one device that includes all functions necessary for retinal diagnosis.


Colour SLO
163º ultra wide field image enables detailed evaluation of  of pathologies from the fovea to the extreme periphery.

NIDEK Mirante Panorama Image

Panorama image composition
With preset fixation points captures details of pathology even in the extreme periphery.

NIDEK Mirante Flex Track

Flex Track Technology
NEW flex track algorithm corrects image distortion due to the instable fixation and enhances averaging quality.

NIDEK Mirante RGB Triple Detectors

RGB triple detectors
Three seperate RGB detectors simultaneously scan different depths of retina with red, green and blue wavelengths.

NIDEK Mirante RGB Colour

RGB colour & selectable colour display with a single slot
Single colour images in red, green and blue wavelengths can be displayed after colour image aquisition.

NIDEK Mirante Retro Mode

Retro Mode
An unique non-invasive technique for detecting pathologic changes in the choroid

NIDEK Mirante FAF green & blue

Blue FAF/ Green FAF fundus autofluoresence
FAF imaging is a non-invasive method to evaluate the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) without contrast dye.

NIDEK Mirante Swing & Tilt Features

Easy to use functions
Simple interface and easy operation with tilt and swing features

163° ultra wide field FA and ICG images

163º ultra wide field FA & ICG images
Ultra wide field imagining is available with the optional wide-field adapter.

HD dynamic and static angiogram

HD dynamics and static angiogram
Auto gain control (AGC) optimises gain level and contrast for early, peak and late phases on angiography.

Simultaneous FA and ICG imaging display (standard) Easy comparison of FA and ICG The viewer software can present FA and ICG images side-by-side. Easy comparison is helpful for comprehensive evaluation. Live

Simultaneous FA and ICG
The Mirante allows simple, simultaneous acquisition of FA and ICG images.

Easy comparison of FA and ICG

Easy Comparison of FA and ICG
The viewer software can present FA and ICG images side-by-side. Easy comparison is helpful for comprehensive evaluation.

HD wide area OCT

HD wide area OCT
The maximum 16.5 x 12 mm area scan available with the Mirante allows wide area diagnosis including the macula and optic disc in a single shot.

Glaucoma analysis 1

Glaucoma Analysis
The Mirante incorporates 16.5 x 12 mm thickness map which visually presents pathological changes from the central retina to the periphery.


Anglo Scan – Segmentation into multiple tabs
The simple interface provides seven slabs for macula map/ four slabs for the disc map with intuitive functionality and removal of projection artifacts:
– Vessel density map and perfusion density map
– Auto detection of FAZ and shape analysis
– Wide area scan
– Tracing HD plus
– Selectable definition

For full product details on each section please see the product brochure, under related documents.

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