Heine – komplett sett LED

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Heine komplett sett:

  • HEINE Beta 200 S LED oftalmoskop
  • HEINE BETA 200 LED Retinoskop
  • HEINE Beta NT4 batterihåndtak med Li-ion 2x oppladbart batteri for NT4 lader
  • HEINE NT4 lader


HEINE BETA 200S® LED Ophthalmoscope  head with LEDHQ– technology is a maintenance free, dust proof ophthalmoscope with stepless brightness control (3-100%). The precision optics are mounted on a durable aluminum frame making it designed for daily use in hospitals and clinics. Apertures: Slit, fixation star with polar coordinates, blue filter, large spot, small spot, pin-hole and hemi-circle. All apertures can be combined with red-free filter. Diopters: 74 single step diopters from -36D to +38D.

HEINE BETA 200® LED Retinoscope head with LEDHQ– technology is a quality instrument designed for everyday use in hospitals and clinics. The retinoscope head is dustproof, maintenance-free and the streak fulfills ISO 12865 standard. The ParaStop®-function simplifies the selection of a parallel beam for precise detection of cylinder axis and verification of the cylinder correction after refraction.

The HEINE NT4 Table charger with charge status display is compatible with HEINE BETA 4 NT instrument handles and F.O 4 NT laryngoscope handles as well as the SLIM instrument and laryngoscope handles (requires adaptor set X-000.99.086). Dimensions: Width 142 mm, Height 61 mm, Depth 66 mm, Weight 235

BETA4 NT and BETA4 SLIM NT for NT4 table charger. Li-ion technology: no „memory effect“. Charge your handle how you like without worrying about charge level or battery condition. High capacity: more than double the capacity compared to previous NiMH rechargeable batteries. High quality metal construction for strength and durability. Quick charge: only approx. 2 hours to recharge with NT4 table charger. Charge Status Indicator: light pulses from the illuminated charging wells indicating the charging mode. Continuous light indicates that the charging process has been completed. Charge Status Indicator on the BETA4 NT bottom insert: the indicator illuminates in orange when the battery needs to be recharged.


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