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The new, compact, height adjustable refraction and examination unit VarioCarat is the smallest telescope table unit made by BLOCK

The unit can be variably positioned for each patient´s heigth or wheelchair patients with the electromotive  height adjustment (approx. 73 – 93 cm). Also for the examiner, the unit Vario Carat is providing an ergonomically optimized workplace.

Available as right or left hand unit with the following options:

• telescopic table for 1 or 2 instruments

• manual or electromotive drive for 1st or 2nd position

swivel drawer for trial lens case

manual or electromotive phoropter rail

physiological phoropter arm with inclination adjustment

Electromotive vertical adjustment for whole examination unit (height: 73 cm up to 93 cm)

• multifunctions column

room-light automatic

• twin-charging set for hand-held devices

individual lacquer in all RAL colours

• individual plastic design

individual veneer design


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